Zipline to Nami Island/ Gangwondo, South Korea

a complete guide to visit Nami Island 

why you shouldn’t come during summer 

hilarious Zipline experience 

 is another attraction famous among the locals and tourists because of its natural scenery and the drama Winter Sonata 겨울연가 (but to be honest, Winter Sonata was famous 20 years ago but not now…) 

Nami Skyline ZipWire ZipRider

It costs ₩38000 per person, including the zipline, private boat to Nami Island and way back ferry. I expected taking Zipline to the main island of Nami. In fact, you have to take a boat transfer to the Nami Island. They have two courses: 30-40km/ for family and 80km/ for adventure.
**reservation is not required if you visit Nami Island during summer. The waiting time is short too:)
We have chosen adventure, those who are heavier would land faster. I’m 51 kg and the one went with me is 90+ kg(I won’t say it is my brother hahaha ). He has literally bumped away even though we depart at the same time. Super hilarious and you may watch our video here. 
Taking Zipline is not thrilled but definitely an exciting experience
Tips: take the family one if you wanna take more photos. 

arrive the small island

There are many secret photo spots here and I think it is even prettier than the main Nami Island.
We have waited for 10 mins for the short boat trip, which takes around 8 minutes. There are only 10 ppl in the boat and luxury compared to the ferry, which can carry 100+ people. 

Nami Island

The only advantage to come in summer is fewer visitors relatively. People come during spring for cherry blossom, autumn for falling leaves and winter for skiing. I don’t think it is wise to come during summer because it is too sunny!

secret photo spots in Nami Island

where the boat dropped you off
There are no tourist attractions there so people who take the ferry probably will not walk to that area.
behind the Hobin gallery 
Nami Island adopts the environmental-friendly practice, so all the indoor area are with “friendly air-con”

Winter Sonata 겨울연가

stop kissing!!

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