When you work in your favorite brand/ Smiggle turns 15!

Diary of a Smiggle fan:)
My first time working in my favorite brand & as a sale
How to show your strength during the interview even though you are not qualified for what they required 

How did I meet Smiggle

I firstly met Smiggle in Singapore when I did my placement there. At that time, Singapore was the only Asian country where Smiggle opened their store. I still remember how I got crazy and couldn’t stop myself entering the store whenever I saw Smiggle. Pretty sure that I have visited Smiggle at least twice a week during summer.
I bought several items but the red junior backpack impressed me the most. This is the first Smiggle backpack I had. After putting an A4 folder, which is too sharp for the backpack and it was broken. I couldn’t leave it away and I prepared a small bag and used it inside my backpack. After all, I had tried using different kinds of the backpack like the fluffy backpack, character backpack, and premium backpack … But my favorite one is always the junior backpack one:)

Using Smiggle everywhere

When Smiggle gonna open in Hong Kong

After Smiggle announced that they are going to open a store in Malaysia and opening for recruitment, I was commenting “how about Hong Kong hahaha” After a few months, the social strategist of Smiggle replied me that Smiggle Hong Kong is hiring and asked me to apply via Just Group!
I was so touched with that because they replied back me after a few months. I have sent my application to their email but without any reply. I do understand that because I don’t have any customer service experience or never work in the retail industry. They shall have a higher standard of requirements for first batches of staff.

It happened!!

Later, I applied for the job position again via Just Group and the HR manager invited me to an interview session. I even wore the Smiggle backpack to the interview hahaha. Despite my lack of knowledge in the retail industry, both regional manager and HR manager decided to give me a chance to work with them.

How should you do if you don’t meet the job requirements?

1. Way of application

My HR manager told me he didn’t receive my job application via email but he will meet all candidates who apply via the company system. For some MNEs, applying via their system show that you have a basic understanding of the brand/firms, compared to other candidates who send email only.

2. Show your understanding of the company

Instead of telling them your past experience which is irrelevant to the job position, you may show your understanding of the company with the latest news. For example, what does the company planning for next and the trend of the industry? (Not something you find on the official website)
You may relate your past experience in the way fitting with the job requirements. I have done my placement in a Freight Forwarding Company in Singapore. Instead of telling my solid knowledge of logistics, I would say my language proficiency is enhanced when I worked in a multi-cultural working environment.

3. Tell them more about your future career path

show your passion for the job, show your understanding of the company and persuade that it is worth for the company to hire & train you. Even though you are not qualified with job requirement yet, you will one day, If you don’t have any previous working experience related to the jobs you applied, the company would evaluate whether it is worth to offer training to you.

After working in your favorite brand

Just like any other jobs, you can’t enjoy all parts of your work and it is difficult to stay positive all the time. “because I love the brand” could no longer be the reasons supporting your work, You start to know another side of the brand, the behind scene of how their products are delivered to the customers.
You have to make yourself feeling interested in the job and further enjoy what you are doing. (no offense to the brand but I think it is a normal act to all kinds of jobs.) We have to admit that things start getting not as interesting as before when we enter a workplace. One way is to quit the job and find another one but the root problem is not solved. We feel excited whenever we study from primary school to secondary one and then possibly to a university. We “look forward” to the new challenges because of the change of learning environment. However, can we apply the same to our career?

Happy 15th Smiggle!

Smile & Giggle
I met so many friendly and generous colleagues who help me a lot, where I start learning “customer service”
Thanks for being with me all the time, Smiggle
Time to buy a backpack hahaha!

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