What is love? /The Light Between Oceans

If love is about sacrificing and giving out under any circumstances, I’m pretty sure I don’t know what is love
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The Light Between Oceans is my first book since my return from Erasmus Study. In this city, people prefer looking at their phones and take a nap during their bus journey. It makes me feel a bit weird to have some strangers always sit next to me. The place is crowded with fast-paced. which made me feel things are changed. I’m not the one who study aboard and the only concern was “Where to go”, but a fresh graduate worrying about her study, works, and life. Like Lucy, who is informed of her mother is not someone she knew, everything is so familiar but also unusual.

About the book

Tom and Isabella is a lovely couple who stay in the lighthouse, meaning they are living on a small island without other inhabitants. They are so desperate to have their own children but the fates made them lose their children once and once. Isabella can’t get back from the tragedy of losing her children. One day, a boat washed up on the shore: with a dead man and crying baby. They kept the baby and hide the truth. However, the world is so small that Tom met a mother of losing her husband and kid. Consciously, she is the biological mother of Lucy, the child they kept in the lighthouse… How could Tom, a heroic soldier served for the country during WW2, bear the resentment from the biological mother of Lucy, Hannah, and his beloved wife, Isabella?

What is love

People usually use red or pink to describe love. In reality, the nature of love is full of colors and different emotions. Love could be sacrificing and giving out, as if what Tom did in the book. The closer bonding you had with the person. more love you gained. But at the same time, if anything happened in the future, more hate and resentment you could take from the person.
I found it quite complicated and troublesome to manage relationships with other people. I can tell how people get hurt when their “best” friends betray them. I like keeping the distance from people. Rather than having a friend to text every day and meet every week, I prefer to have a friend in the different city. Even though we are not in the same city, we feel like we are connected.

What is right and wrong

From the perspective of the biological mother of Lucy-Grace Hannah, she felt Tom and Isabella were cruel to separate her from her daughter. At the early stage of reunion with Lucy-Grace, Hannah felt powerless when her daughter tried to call somebody else as a mother.
Isabella always believes it is a right decision to have Lucy-Grace as their daughter because she can give love to her. probably better than some social welfare department. She is so desperate to have a kid that made her ignore the fact that the mother of Lucy-Grace could be alive.
Tom tried to advise his wife Isabella, the standard procedure of what a lighthouse keeper should do: report any accidents to the land. However, he tried to fulfill his wife’s wish and even later lying to the police when they are being found to hide the kid.
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The book made of think of the ethical framework I learned recently. Deontological refers to the duty or how we should act, which based on universal law and the human being with respect If we are adopting deontological ethics, probably Isabella and Tom are wrong. Tom is wrong of lying to others even he has a good intention act of protecting his wife. Consequence and utilitarianism mean to decide right or wrong by defining more good than more harm to the society. Hannah is wrong in this case because she is the only one who suffers in the issue. she should give up her child in order to maximize the happiness of others. The last theory, virtue theories aim to develop a good character or virtues through practice and habit, which make people live peacefully with others. I believe everyone is the case because someone definitely gets hurt for any decision-making: Hannah gets hurt if Lucy-Grace keeps with Tom and Isabella, Tom and Isabella get hurt when Lucy-Grace went back to Hannah.
What I’m trying to say is outsiders shouldn’t comment or define the responsibility of someone because we don’t have a right to do so. Personally, love is a cruel thing and one of the life challenges for everyone. Some may choose to be brave, like some of my friends, they keep looking for the “one” although they get hurt every time when they broke up. If you are not ready to take it, keep some distance with people and don’t share everything with others.
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  1. Ommg! I love this. I love how it really makes you think and attach to reality. Like when you said “people usually used red or pink to describe love” when love is full of colors. I have to read this book 😀

    Thank you for such a wonderful review 🙂

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