unusual tourist route of /Venice, Italy 1

trips to Venice with my Italian friends, sightseeing another side of Venice to prevent squeezing with people with the non-touristic route 

About Venice 

Venice is one of the most famous and listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tourist area is small and basically, everyone squeezes in the same direction for tourist route. People usually turn left and follow the wide path parallel to the Grand Canal. 
We were turning right instead to prevent squeezing with people. Although the views might not be exactly the same as the postcards, we managed to visit all key attractions, including visiting St. Mark’s Square without water boot protector.
arrived Venice central station! 
some of their trains 
There are quite a lot of souvenir shops you went out from the central station. But no worries, they sold souvenir everywhere so no need to rush 

Souvenir shop 

When you are looking for souvenirs, you may aware of some shops selling different kinds of masks solely. (They usually don’t sell other items) I hope I am not the only one to think of these masks as something appeared in Phantom of the Opera. Alright, I always mixed up Venice with Vienna. 
These masks are used for the carnival, which held on February annually. 
Every canal looks like postcard photo!
You can’t stop taking photos whenever you passed each canal. Although some of them might look similar, they are awesome! 
Unlike Bologna, there are many colorful buildings here, probably the local government didn’t restrict the use of painting color (You have to grant permission if you use other color painting for your buildings in Bologna) 
**The woods in the middle of the pictures are used as pavement for pedestrians to walk in some area with water leaking

Interesting fact 

It is often to have the street name on top of some buildings. But some of their Italian meanings are so funny. Like the picture below mean pussy 

Using map?

If anything wrong with the place name, blame google map!!! You won’t use google map and search where are you going next in Venice simply because you don’t need to! It is crowded everywhere, which make it difficult to take a proper photo here (Everyone dream to have a solo photo with the romance Venice) That’s why I would say it is not necessary to use map, you won’t have much photo times and 1-2 days are sufficient for city sightseeing 


If you desire to take a photo with you ONLY, the only possible way is to take photos away from the landmarks. It is impossible to take a perfect photo without pedestrians in St. Mark’ Square but you can always take a photo in a unknow canal or little ally. I think it’s fine as long as the photos look “Venezian” 
the responsibility of sister when it comes to the photo time haha

Tourist attractions 

Bridge of Sighs

When you walk in St. Mark’s square, you will pass one of the most famous canals. As you can see in the picture, the museum is located next to this canal. It is super crowded because everyone is imagining to have a cool picture and post it on social media. In reality, you can take a selfie with many many people behind you only. (it doesn’t sound so “Venezian” 

Rialto Bridge 

The bridge looks a bit creepy, I have to admit it is not a good one…
But this is what you saw from the bridge 
Even though we came after Christmas, there were many Christmas decoration 
pro Ila was taking photos again with 90 degree bow haha
btw You shall know that boat is the only transport available here. Postmen with a lot of packages can use hand car only. 

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