Travel Hong Kong – hidden photo spots in Tsim Sha Tsui

Tsim Sha Tsui is packed with people all the time but undeniably a tourist attraction for photography

1881 Heritage
A luxury shopping mall which not much people would go shopping there. It’s worth to go for the photography with Western architecture.

Clock Tower | 鐘樓
Tourist attraction located next to the ferry terminal and harbour, next to the Harbour City and Cultural center

Antiquities and Monuments Office | 古物古蹟辦事處
Less known among the tourists, it’s located opposite the Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard. You may take a short break here and have a few shots. 

The lighting and interior designs of the shopping mall are somehow like “back to future”. A few cool pictures could be captured when you take the long elevator.

Temple’s Street | 廟街
It’s 20-minutes walk along the Nathan Road or you could take a station to Jordan. Rarely for a tourist attraction to be less crowded during daytime than the night time. Recommend to have a few pictures during the daytime and come back for dinner to enjoy the nightlife here

Nathan Road | 彌敦道
Nathan Road covers the whole Princess Edward – Jordan area, it may take a day for you to walk across all sections of the street. There are a few old-style buildings which haven’t been renovated on the way.

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