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Planning a trip to Europe 
Here is a few tools and brands you shall know to limit your cost! 


Bus services are provided for both intra-city and intercity routes. Although time delays often occur, the frequency of the service and the cost are so attractive.
It costs 10€ to travel from Mannheim, Germany to Paris, France. The bus stops are located in the city center, which makes traveling more convenient than taking a flight 

Ryanair, Wizz air

Surely everyone from Europe would have heard of these brands. It costs only 5€ to fly from one to another city. Be aware of the departure and destination airport, it could remote from the city center. For example, it costs 20€ to travel from Frankfurt Hahn to Frankfurt city center
Search for a single trip and travel through different airports would be the most economical one. It would be 2-3 times more expensive if you purchased the return-ticket. Hot airport hub included: Frankfurt International and Krakow airport. 


Use search anywhere if you have no destination in minds yet and randomly look for a trip to anywhere. 


PM2AM student trip

Friendly staff, budgeted hostel and packed schedule would make your trip become fruitful. However, overnight coaches without wifi would be an issue.
I enjoyed a cruise trip to St.Petersburg, Stockholm, Estonia… It costs 300€ and definitely worth to go, ignoring the fact that 22-hour bus is taken from Germany to Stockholm.

Not recommended


I have tried using GoEuro for a few times and seems they provide a comprehensive service and routes of all service operators. However, sometimes they couldn’t show a point-to-point service and it could be confusing to have different stops. Often, the bus stop is out of the city center if is it not a main station. I couldn’t recommend GoEuro, especially for those who are not familiar with Europe

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