The most expensive street in Town/ Colombo, Sri Lanka

the wealth gap between the local and the oversea high-flyers 
the most expensive restaurants are located in…
experience Chinese workplace culture in Sri Lanka 

We arrived Colombo at night and our schedule of the following day was…
breakfast: hotel buffet
lunch: Italian food
dinner: hotel Sunday brunch
We are not advised to try the local food outside our staff canteen because our overseas colleagues concern much about the hygiene. At the beginning stage of our stay, we seldom try the Sri Lankan style.

Park’s Street

Park Street, located in Colombo 2, which a few hotel brands and residences are located nearby. There are some foreign and overpriced shops, restaurants and boutiques, which are the home of overseas talents. I would say it is 10 times more expensive than the local shops and food, which is not affordable for working classes in Sri Lankan. You would find the high-flyers from different nationality like Europeans, Asians, Americans… gathering in this tiny street despite the limited choices of catering. Park’s Street is the only place where they could try their hometown food. The Italian restaurant I’m going to introduce is owned by an Italian, I have tried the Japanese Ramen nearby as well, which cooked by a Japanese. 

PST Park Street Trattoria

The restaurant looks super fancy and the owner greeted with our supervisors. The top managers of my company would bring their guests or customers to this restaurant because it is quiet and comfortable, they provide a wide variety of dishes as well. I don’t eat vegetables so I love eating the hams so much!!!
However, the price is high when you are compared to other local restaurants, like charging Rs 900 for a bottle of sparkling water and Rs 1500 for the main dish. In Sri Lanka, 10% service fee & 17% tax fee are charged, which usually excluded in the menu.
They recommended the breadsticks the most, which served with vinegar. (I can’t bite them haha)
My main dish 

On the way walking back

We were living in the most expensive area, having meals in the most expensive restaurant’s streets. Everything is so unrealistic because I never imagine it is how I start my placement. 
Restaurant homepage
Address: 48 Park St, Colombo 00700

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