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chinese:[一個人去紐西蘭]甚麼是stray bus? 搭巴士遊紐西蘭

Transport expense in New Zealand

Way to travel alone in New Zealand?

How does Hop-on Hop-off bus like kiwi experience and stray work?
I was purchasing a stray bus pass for my trip to Te Anau, Fiordland National Park, and Stewart Island.

What is Stray?

If you travel alone and not much time for planning your itinerary, particularly not much preference of attractions you wanna visit, you could join Stray Bus. More importantly, you don’t have to drive on your own and time to meet some new friends here! Another alternative would be joining a day tour or taking intercity. However, there is limited service available and you have to arrange your own accommodation and fix the schedule. 

What they included

For Stray, they would arrange the transport, itinerary and even your accommodation. You could book with your own driver and pay to the host once you arrive. Drivers of Stray are Kiwi and they have in-depth knowledge of the country. They could talk about the landscape, history and even the characteristic of the country in a specific way.
seats reserved by Stray!
Although the drivers could earn commissions from the additional activities we participate, they won’t force the participants to join any of those. Sometimes they would suggest saying the attraction is worth-to-go…but you won’t feel uncomfortable about that. Unfortunately, I only joined the bus tour in three days to the deep south of New Zealand. It is the non-peak season so there are 6 of them, we didn’t manage to get “super close” to each other but all of them are friendly.

National pass

Most of them are getting a Stray national pass and travel entire New Zealand. They could even repeat the routes they prefer without charging any additional charge (the first-time user have the priority to have a seat if the seats are fully booked) It usually takes 2-3 months to travel every part of New Zealand  
You could contact Stray office directly. If you have no ideas of what to do in New Zealand, simply given your flight date (important because bus route is not available every day) , your hobbies (nature, animals or city sightseeing?). They would recommend some tours to you.
We even have Jess and Jerah, the staff of Stray, joining us in this journey. They were using their annual leave to get to know the bus route and provide better service to the customers. They are super friendly and I ate many chocolates offered by them haha.

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