Mount Eden, hiking in Auckland/ Solo trip to New Zealand

read chinese version:[一個人去紐西蘭]奧克蘭爬山 mount eden 火山口

It’s quite poor to travel to the big city without money, everything costs you money! But it is always free to walk and hike. Mount Eden is one of the favorites among the locals.

Way to the mount

You could either take a 30 mins bus ride or on foot for 1 hour. An hour seems to be long but there is a lot of stuff to see on the way, like many Asian-style cafes, outlets, and even a second-hand bookstore. It was quite fine for me although I never do exercises.
(Follow your google map!)
Second-hand store

Mt Eden

More likely a small walking, instead of hiking. Stunning view if you come for the sunset. There are many small insects on the top of the mountain, which are quite annoying. Most of the visitors stay for a while only
Entering the crater is prohibited but you could walk along the path!
Most of the people came for exercising or a small wall, I can’t see anyone having picnics here haha

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