kiwi hunting in Stewart Island/ Solo trip in New Zealand

kiwi hunting after threw up ahha
what do kiwis and Englishmen talk when they go to the bar together?

Stewart Island

Deep deep south tour of Stray came to the last day. I wasn’t planned to visit the Stewart Island, instead of staying overnight in Invercargill. The Aurora indicator is 0.33 on that day only, until the British uncle asked me if I’m sure not to visit the island. After a while, I decided to visit the island because I won’t reach the deep southern part of NZ next time haha.
There are 2 ferry services available from Invercargill to Stewart Island, same when you depart from Stewart Island. Ready to book another night of hostel if you miss the ferry. Milford sound combo ticket costs NZ185, which mean it costs NZ110 to visit the island.


There are a few restaurants and shops on the island only, so basically everyone will drink in the bar to meet new people. Small snacks like pizza and chips are available but the last order is 8pm LOL. It costs NZ7-8 for a cup of cider and beer only, which is even affordable than the one in Auckland.
I were with the staff of stray and British guys, made my first time to drink with a branch of native speakers. We were talking about how Stray could make arrangement better, surprising it is super non-environmentally friendly in New Zealand, politics (Brexit and Prime Minister of NZ getting pregnant), which were quite serious in general.
I felt seasick and drank cider without having any dinner. I THREW UP. I’m so weak. Later, we went back to the guesthouse and had our dinner. When things got better, those British guys got drunk. One of them kept hugging me hahaha. When you think Europeans are difficult to get close with, having alcohol is the only way to do so! (playing games is another way as well)

Kiwi hunting

I couldn’t sleep after throwing up, met another Amercian girl Holly coincidentally. We went to meet some kiwi people, playing with their puppy Molly and try the pure version of weeds.
Then we went up to observatory rock. We found kiwi on the way without paying much attention! It is necessary to use the red light and play the recording of kiwi to attract these cuties. We were super lucky because the male kiwi was so sensitive and anxious about the recording we played, which probably is the voice of a female kiwi.
I didn’t take the camera with me but we saw a few stars in the sky, wondering how does it look like from another part of the world.
Eventually, I’m the only one to catch the kiwi successfully. The funniest thing is I were getting drunk and throwing up at that time. Another thing is about the British guy, who was planning to stay in Stewart Island for a few days, he was being kicked out at 10am. The owner of the guesthouse was so proud to share me how she opened the door at sharp 10am and kicked them out haha. (and the British guy can’t remember what he did LOL)
common area of the only hostel in town
search my diary here haha

Observatory Rock

Halfmoon Bay

That is nothing much to see during the daytime to be honest.

Golden Bay Wharf

You could skip Stewart Island if you are not going there for kiwi or Aurora light haha

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