Day trip to Rangitoto /Solo Trip in New Zealand

If you have somewhere you preferred to go, like Hobbiton or Waitomo cave, Rangitoto Island is not the best choice for you.

But if you travel alone with me, probably not interested in these attractions which costs you NZ100 or above for each. Ay the same time, you have spare time to visit somewhere outside Auckland, Rangitoto is where you could go

Ferry to Rangitoto Wharf

07:40 09:15 10:15 12:15
Ferry to Auckland Ferry Terminal
10:30 12:30 14:30 15:30
There are neither restaurants nor accommodation inside the Island, so you shall have a better time management and the last ferry service is at 15:30
To reserve the eco, it’s required to brush your shoes near the terminal.
If you hike often, it should be fine to visit the two islands for a whole day at once. But if you never do exercises like me, it is quite tough to reach Rangitoto summit and Lava cave. It takes minimum 3-4 hours for hiking and there are

Rangitoto summit

the viewpoint of seeing the whole Auckland

Stairs next to Rangitoto summit

There are no much visitors here, a cozy and quiet environment to enjoy the ocean. The way down could reach another wharf, which takes 1 hour walking.  To save your time, you could take a few steps and return back.
putting my camera somewhere

Lava Cave

There are 2 entrances and they are connected. However, you can’t see anything inside without torches. It is super slippery and I fall down 🙁
taken by my phone because my hand was hurt
If you want a small walk outside the Auckland city center, Rangitoto is an option, only if it is not rainy. I would recommend the island but don’t book the tickets in advance. You could purchase the ferry ticket 15 minutes before the departure.


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