Best burger in Queenstown/ solo trip in New Zealand

chinese: [一個人去紐西蘭]皇后鎮市中心 商店區 Beach’s Street

The only shopping street in Queenstown…

recommend the most delicious hamburger in NZ

Beach Street

Like the street name stated, it is located next to the port side. Queenstown city center is so tiny that you could buy souvenirs, having meals and do shopping in this shopping district.。
or visit Smiggle here (my favorite brand and I worked as part-time in this brand before)
or walking along the seaside, one way to the sunshine bay walk, while another to a botanic garden
When you walk up, you would reach Shotover Street, where the centre of the hostel and restaurant area.


Fergburger was recommended by a Parisian Matthias when we have a short conversation in our common area. Fergburger was told to be the most delicious hamburger in New Zealand. It takes 5 minutes for making an order but at less 40 minutes for waiting for the hamburger. I didn’t try it because I don’t eat vegetables. But I’m pretty sure there is no doubt of what a French say!
Fergburger also owns a desert and Gelato shop next to the burger. I have tried the Gelato, which was recommended by Matthias as well. We admitted the ice-cream as the one we had in Europe! It costs NZ5.9 for one scoop but the size is 2 times bigger than the one we had in Europe. You could try different favor here as you are not sure what you want, there is some favor available only in New Zealand. such as Kiwi and Hockey Pocky.
Blueberry Yogurt

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