Shopping guide in /Kaohsiung, Taiwan

shopping day in Kaohsiung
catering area inside the shopping center? 
major Taiwanese brand you should know!

Kuang Nan Fashion Shop 光南大批發

Kuang Nan is my favorite chain shops, especially when I’m looking for books and CDs. Most of them are in three to four floors with different categories of products, like the electrical appliance, clothes, CD & Books, as well as stationary. They have many branches across Taiwan and a few in Kaohsiung like near Central train station, Central Park
They have the most competitive price when it comes with published items and you can even buy some small snacks nearby.

Sanduo shopping district 三多商圈站

If you are looking for some luxury brand and enjoy your shopping in department store, you shall visit Sanduo district. There are a few large shopping malls including SOGO, where ABC marts are located. SOGO itself is a Japanese department store and ABC Marts is famous for its competitive price of sneakers and scandal, especially for the Korean brand.


We have even visited Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Sanduo store and enjoy the lunch there. To be honest, we didn’t shop much but “healing”. It was super hot in Kaohsiung so we keep staying in the indoor area. The coolest place is those department stores. Since Taiwan is an environmental-friendly country, which metro could be quite uncomfortable for its temperature.
The food court there is in the decent price, we have tried Japanese food and Hua Da Milk Tea. There are many milk tea or bubble tea brand in Taiwan but Hua Da is the one famous among the Taiwanese
It is my favorite department store and here is the secret city sightseeing point I would like to show you!
Next, to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Sanduo store, Far Eastern is located. The Taiwanese bookstore Eslite has their store here as well.
**85 building is a few minutes walk from the Sanduo shopping district.

Kaohsiung Public Library 高雄市立圖書館總館

You would walk through the National Library as well. Kaohsiung Public Library 高雄市立圖書館總館 is an example of green architecture which combines plants, protection of the environment and culture. Its simple design and the natural scent of books create a tranquil, comfortable reading space. Warmth, the most beautiful of Kaohsiung’s treasures, is not absent. The library’s first floor is a semi-open space, and a hanging garden which affords a view of the scenery of the harbor has been established on the top floor.

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