They detained my passport! /St.Petersburg, Russia

I was being suspected!??
how my cruise holiday ended up to be?
duty-free shops in the port of St.Petersburg
I would strongly recommend people not to visit Russia with free visa because it is VERY time-consuming. Eventually, it took 3-4 hours for queuing in passport control and you have only a half day to visit the city.
St.Petersburg line was expected to arrive at 09.30 but ended up at 10.00. They opened the gate at almost 10.30. When you feel like “oh yeah I’m in Russia”, you have to wait for the passport control which takes at least 10 minutes per person. But basically they won’t talk to you except asking you to remove your glasses and I am fucking wondering what the fuck they are looking my passport again and again for fucking 10 minutes hahhahaha

Most unforgettable customs experience

For any they feel suspected, they are bringing to a special room. I heard an experience of an American soldier showed his passport with his soldier card (Something like that) and being detained for 3 days. He even missed his voyage and has to take a flight back.
Like me
yes, maybe I look like a spy
yes, they act like I look different from the passport
and I never do makeup or have any plastic surgery
It took another 20-30 minutes for me to wait in that “special room”
In fact, it is not special at all because there are quite a lot of people here
even for the tour guides who visit Russia with a free visa for a few times already
Technically, they compared my face with the passport photo for a few times with digital camera only.
Even though you are not the one being suspected, there are so many people being suspected queuing in front of you, so it is not worth to take the cruise trip if you are coming for the free visa to Russia. (my purpose is to enjoy a cruise holiday hahahha) Anyway, it is another new experience for me since the customs of Russia is so different from other countries I have been to, which probably going to be the most unforgettable customs experience.

shocking facts about the customs of Russia

1. they won’t scan your passport. Instead, you will keep hearing the voices of paper flipping. You would start wondering why are they staring at your passport for more than 10 minutes, even though there are a few stamps only.
2. You are not required to scan your fingerprint
3. There are no separate queues for Russians. But Russians can cut queues wherever and whatever they wanted and walk to the counters without waiting.

shuttle bus to city center

THIS IS A DISASTER TO TAKE THE SHUTTLE BUS. Since the bus (but it’s better to describe it as a van) has limited seats and you cannot stand in the van, everyone is squeezing and no one keeps the line when the van has arrived. It’s like a refugee camp and we can’t wait to be sent out! The shuttle bus doesn’t come on time despite the timetable provided. Shuttle buses back to the terminal stop in the same place of where they drop off, parking area of St.Issac’s Square. Most of the tourist attractions in St.Petersburg are within walking distance. You have to take a taxi if you are not managed to get into the shuttle bus. My roommates managed to take a taxi instead, which costs them 70€ in total for the trip.

Duty-free shop

Shopping in a duty-free shop is a wise choice if you spent up all the time in sightseeing The price is decent and they got Christmas offer for some chocolate. They are all well-packed which are nice as presents to others. (Even they are not that tasty) It costs 1-2€ for magnet and other little souvenirs, which both cash and cards are accepted. Drinking a bottle of alcohol in that size on a cruise would be a lovely gift to the beloved one. They are so eye-catching and I have to empathize that they do offer different kinds of souvenirs.

local side of Central / Hong Kong

Central is an international financial center of the city when the company set up their headquarter here. It could be a “home” for domestic helpers to spend their weekend here as well. They have the best spot to watch the firework when people celebrate the Chinese New Year or Christmas here. You can enjoy the nightlife here with different styles of bars and clubs.

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