How to poop every day regularly without having healthy lifestyle

A “serious” talk on how to poop every day for someone who never eats vegetables and does exercise 

“Then how do you poop” become a global issue whenever I meet new friends, especially when they know I never eat vegetables. I do eat the vegetable in an urgent matter, like less than once a year. When I was in Singapore, I felt so touched to find a lunchbox set at SGD3, including rice, meat, corn, vegetables and even a packed drink. I was emotionally decided to eat the vegetables of the lunchbox (2 pieces of them haha)
There are many online articles telling you how to poop easily: maintain a healthy lifestyle, do regular exercise, eat healthily… and even some treatment. For example, there are detox boot camps in Thailand, which aim to thoroughly cleans and detoxifies the bloodstream. This leads to the elimination of toxins and waste materials from the entire body. – “POOP THEM OUT”
I tried to show how to poop without being healthy, that probably is not the most appropriate way to do so. Some said the healthiest is to poop 3 times a day but once per day for me only. The followings are my personal experience without any scientific proof haha:

1. Know when is the best timing to poop

You should have a stable timing to poop every day. Within the timeslots, your stomach performs the best and you shall avoid arranging other things to do during the time.
Some said they poop at night while some said they poop right after having the meal. If you have a stable time period to poop, it means that your stomach operates properly, instead of working after being stimulated.
For me, the best timing is the morning time, preferably around 08.00-11.00

2. What kinds of food & drink help you to poop well

Different from timing, the type of food & drink should change from time to time. When your stomach gets used to them, they no longer worked. You should take them less frequent because they may hurt your stomach. For me, I found out eating indomie (brand of instant noodles), dim sum with spicy sauce (the spicy sauce is the key) and even hamburgers from McDonald. Basically, they are all junk food.
For drinks, Lipton milk tea (have to be the brand) and milk are the “simulators”. It is interesting to know that these “simulators” are not worked if I take them after morning times.

3.Drink plenty of water

Drink as many water as you can – we are being told to do so since we are 3. But how many of us can make it consistently? There are people who habitually drink beverages like soda, fruit juice, coffee… What we shall drink is WATER only.
One point to add in, the temperature of water help your stomach too! If your best timing to poop is morning time, drinking hot water once you wake up would help a lot! (Before eating breakfast and evening brushing your teeth).

4. Consuming carbohydrates

Rice > pasta > rice noodles > instant noodles
Some said foods made from refined carbohydrates contribute a lot of carbohydrates but little dietary fiber, so we prevent consuming them in order to keep fit. I found out carbohydrates somehow helps to poop if you intake a proper amount of them, like a half bowl of rice.

5.eating dietary supplement products

I have tried the following products. These kinds of products supply you the dietary fiber required, simply with a cup of drink. However, once you stop consuming them or intake less amount of what the instructions required, the effects would be gone.

FINE JAPAN – Active Kefir Single Bottle ( 300 Tablets )

Kefir is one of the traditional fermented milk originated from the Caucasus region in Europe. It has been an essential food enjoyed by the locals in their dietary lifestyle. While yogurt is made only from fermented lactic acid bacteria, Kefir is made from  and yeast working together.
This dietary supplement contains freeze-dried Kefir powder, Oligosaccharides and dietary fiber in tablet form. Take it for optimum nutritional benefits. As a dietary supplement, take 10 small tablets with cold or warm water daily. ( You may separate into 2 times. ) However, it takes quite a while for the tablets to dissolve in cold water.
You may make your Kefir Yogurt by adding 10 tablets of Active Kefir into a glass of milk.

Veggie Matcha Cleanse 200g (special thanks to my sis, Rena!)

Different from Kefir, Matcha Cleanse is in powder form, which could be taken with water, milk and other drinks. The product contains Polydextrose, Vegetable Mixed Powder (Broccoli, Pumpkin, Parsley, Carrot, Celery, Bittergourd, Spinach, Tomato), Vegetable Fat and Oil, Barley Green Leaf Powder, Kale, Flavor (Bitter), Flavor (Milk Flavor powder), Spirulina Powder, Chia Seed Powder, Aronia Berry Juice Powder… Four main sources of components target on detoxing the body. 
It is the first vegie product I tried and I can’t taste any vegetables at all, pretty sure Matcha lover would love it.
Certainly, eating vegetables, doing exercises and having healthy lifestyles might be 100 times better than the above methods

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