Hotel with free breakfast and dinner /Kaohsiung, Taiwan

free breakfast and dinner offered! Free ice-cream and drinks available for 24-hours, modern and comfortable rooms which cost 25€/1 person only

about the hotel

Kindness Hotel is a chain hotel operator in Taiwan. They have five branches in Kaohsiung, not to mention other cities like Taichung and Tainan. They provide complimentary service to incoming guests including:
– late check-out time: 12:00
– free breakfast and dinner
– free ice-cream & drinks for 24-hour
– free bike renting
– free wifi
– free washing machine & dryer
I can’t think of any reasons why you shouldn’t stay in Kindness Hotel if you are on your vacation with your family and friends. We stay the branch near Central Park station, where the free car park is located at the back of the hotel.

convenient location

The hotel is a 7-minutes walk from metro station central Park. The tourist attractions are located nearby. You could stay in the one opposite to the main train station if you are looking for the most convenient place.



The choices of cuisine are varied and depend on which branch you are staying. The one near the main train station would offer more choices of food. In general, the hotel offers Chinese cuisine mainly, like Chinese porridge and fried tofu. They also offer fresh fruits and DIY salad section
For some traditional Taiwanese cuisine, you have to order in ordering session, where a cook would make the dishes in the opening kitchen. We have tried carrot cake and egg rice cake. I have tried two dishes of carrot cake, super yummy!


How could you imagine the ice cream and drinks are all-day available? That is super amazing because I could eat ice-cream whenever I want, after lunch, before dinner, before sleeping and even after check-out.


The hotel introduced the dishes as “after-dinner” snacks. It is a lot better as I expected and the session could make you feel full. That’s why I called it “dinner”. The session offered porridge, tea eggs, and Chinese bums. I don’t eat vegetable so I tried the tea eggs only. My brother said other dishes are yummy and most importantly, very “Taiwanese”
poor photography skills of my bro haha
but I wouldn’t recommend you eating too much here because the night market in Taiwan is a key to visit.

service quality

I’m not good at ranking the service quality of a hotel because the only time I stayed in a hotel was Hilton in Sri Lanka haha. The receptionists are friendly and greet the guests all the time. In the catering area, they always come and check the temperature and the amount of food.

about the room

we were staying in a room with 2 double king size beds and all equipment included.

living area

You could use the tip in between to separate the room into 2. However, you could still hear what the other side is doing, so I wouldn’t recommend 2 pairs of couples staying in this kind of room haha

bathing facilities

The shower equipment is so modern. The area is cozy and makes guests relax 


It was sort of my first family trip (my brother and my cousins’ family). When I was doing a solo trip, I never thought of living in a hotel. I like meeting new friends and I don’t really care what the hostels offered for breakfasts. I was eating bread and packed drink in Paris hostel and cooked when I use Couchsurfing.
Maybe Taiwan is my hometown and when it comes to family trips with kids, what the accommodations offer are quite vital. My cousins’ family didn’t visit the city a lot and they charged themselves by relaxing in our room. If you are looking for a relaxing but economical trip in Taiwan. Kindness Hotel shall be your choices.
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