Go Dutch Cafe/ Food Review, Hong Kong

Foodie post! 
How the locals meet their friends in Hong Kong? 
the local cafe culture you shall know 

About Go Dutch Cafe

Inspired by her time spent living in the Netherlands, the founder of Go Dutch aims to share her European experiences with Hong Kong’s food lovers. It finds itself in the ideal spot for a gathering with friends or family over a cup of coffee and some European eats.
Go Dutch Cafe provides a sophisticated dining space complete with leather seating and stunning light fixtures, as well as offering WiFi, printers, and games for guests to enjoy. The food is more international than you might expect from a place called Go Dutch Cafe!

About Dundas Square

The building located just steps from Yau Ma Tei station among the buzz of Mong Kok. Because of the limited land and expensive rent in Hong Kong, there are many cafes inside commercial buildings, which is known as  “upstairs cafe” in Chinese. Compare with the restaurant on the ground, “upstairs cafe” offers a more comfortable space for consumers. During weekends, people like gathering with their friends and spend the time here for a whole day.
Another than chit-chatting with friends and family, the local like playing the game (both electrical one and card game) during the gathering. People seldom visit other’s home due to the limited living area. Instead, they like spending time in “upstair cafe” and even some party room.

Our drinks

We all ordered cold chocolate: peppermint chocolate, caramel chocolate, and coconut chocolate. Although the cafe is called “Go Dutch”, they offered a variety of dishes and cuisines here. ps: it is better to order a cup of coconut chocolate in Thailand hahaha. 

Party set vs single dishes

We were feeling a bit frustrated because seems like the price for party set and single dishes are similar. Four of us have ordered a party set for three + one single dishes. Eventually, the party set is too much for us:
It costs us HKD130 for each. To be honest, the food didn’t impress us like “wow, it is so delicious”. The price is decent for a meet-up with friends in the city center. We were spending time here for more than 4 hours.
single dish
Party set
snacks included in the party set
Party set for 3-4 people included 3 main dishes & 2 snacks
**if you order chicken wings separately, there are 5-6 chicken wings only

About the cafe decoration

The cafe is divided into smoking and non-smoking area. The designs of the non-smoking area didn’t impress me a lot because all main designs are used in the smoking area. In addition, yellow LED bulks are used for non-smoking area, so it is difficult to take a nice photo here 🙁
smoking area 

Things to note

  • Only cash is accepted (that really surprised us haha)
  • Online/Phone booking is available
  • You could reach the cafe by either Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok MTR station

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