Day trip Itinerary for Gangwon-do 강원도/ South Korea

Complete transport guide to Gangwon-do
Budget & economical way of taking the bus tour in Gangwon-do 
local attractions in Cheongyang 춘펑

Many would recommend taking ITX Cheongchun 춘천 from Yongsan 용산 to Gapyang 가펑, taking the tourist bus tour outside the station to Nami Island than Petit France.
I would recommend a local route and enjoy the other part of Korea in a local way:
1. taking the express metro to Cheongchun 춘천 and experience the crowds at 08.00
2. taking ITX Cheongchun 춘천 from Yongsan 용산 to Gapyang 가펑
3. taking a bus ride to Nami Island 남미섬 with Zipline and private boat trip 
4. Back to the Nami terminal and enjoy the bungee jump aside 
5. Petit France (if you are k-drama lover)
6. Taking the bus ride to Cheongyang 춘펑 
7. enjoying the beautiful scenery of Gangwon-do 강원도 from Cheongyang 춘펑 to Cheongchun 춘천 with local metro with no passengers 
8. eating seafood in Cheongyang 춘펑
(optional: Gayu waterfall and skywalk are only 15-20 minutes bus from the main station)
9. sitting free seats (= no seats) from Cheongyang 춘펑 back to Yongsan 용산

that’s why we never plan

The following is about the transport part of trips to Gangwon-do 강원도. Details of the tourist attractions would be explained in other articles.

1. taking the express metro to Cheongchun 춘천 and experience the crowds at 08.00

Express trains 
In big cities where I stayed before (Singapore, Hong Kong and Taipei), there is no express train. We were quite thrilled with how to get close with the working class and skip stations.
If you use Kakao map, the express trains would only stop at the station in RED

2. taking ITX Cheongchun 춘천 from Yongsan 용산 to Gapyang 가펑

Many concern if it is necessary to print out the tickets. The answer is “NO” because the gate could scan the QR code from your mobile device. use the open gate aside. The ticket officer never check the ticket, seats usually are fully booked and you can’t sit randomly.
That’s why the officer only checks those who are sitting or staying in the free seat area. There are a few seats for the free seat area, which feel like the normal metro seat. It is much uncomfortable if you are taking 2-3 hours train ride.
** you should book the tickets 2-3 days in advance for the round trips. There are no seat selections for the way back even we decided to leave at 5 pm for weekdays.

Yongsan 용산

Yongsan 용산 is a hub station with a variety of breakfast and bakery shops, where you could have your breakfast at the station. They also have a TV located in the centre of the station and you could observe how the locals are concentrated into the morning news. 
Sometimes, ITX shares the same platform with normal metro service. However, you could identify them easily with their outlooks haha. ITX train usually arrives on time, so it’s better to be ready in the platform 5-10 minutes before the expected departure time.

3. taking a bus ride to Nami Island 남미섬 with Zipline and private boat trip

A tourist day pass covering transport to different attractions like Nami Island and Petite France, which only cost ₩6000. It’s quite economical if you are heading to more than 1 attraction. Otherwise, it is more budgeted to take a normal bus ride or even a taxi. 
A friendly and Korean-English speaking tour guide is arranged in each bus. They would briefly introduce the bus stop and the tourist attraction.


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