D-Day to Victory: The Diaries of a British Tank Commander /Book Review

book review: How’s WWII from the perspective of an ordinary soldier
My first attempt at reading a diary
the reason why I won’t recommend reading it

About the book

Diary-style writing

I’m not really a fan of diary-style writing, this book is super personal and it’s quite hard to write. I used to read memoir and some “diaries” before. Usually, they have some background stories and included diaries in between of the plots. It’s rare to have a diary non-fiction with simply diary.
I use “personal” to describe the book because the editor didn’t make much amendment to the content of the book to keep its originality. A good intention act doesn’t come out with good results sometimes. I have studied History before but barely know about the wars. I knew Germany attack France through Belgium and other main events only.

How did the soldiers feel

Unlike other war-themed books, writer Sgt Trevor Greenwood tried to express his emotion daily without making up any plots. You could feel the scare and worries of a soldier. “We could do nothing about it – nothing. But we did do something: we watched the clock and anxiously waited for 4 o’clock.  “But the full story must be terrible. I do not know it. I don’t want to know it. Conjunctions like “but” have been used for many times, which show his struggles. I think it is how most of the soldiers wish: hope I cannot “that one”, hope I could meet my family one day. When it comes up with the political concerns and national issues, the citizens always suffer, as if we have no choices. Even in this generation, what can we react if wars break out between countries?

Events do not appear in History textbook

Sgt also recorded some events which is not widely known in History, like the death of President Roosevelt, who have served three terms in office, had been in declining health for some time, although his death was unexpected. In Asia, we didn’t learn about this part of history, which is interesting to know.


I can’t really comment a lot on the book because I was barely finished reading it. I didn’t quite enjoy reading the book because of the diary-style writing and too many abbreviations were used. However, I gained a new perspective of reviewing the history from a point of view of an ordinary soldier. History always repeats despite the sufferings from fighting with each other.

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