Hong Kong hiking – Mount Butler & Jardine’s Lookout

want to challenge yourself the V-shape hiking trail and enjoy the Island view on the way? 
not frequently hike but could walk for 3-4 hours? 

Difficulty: ⚪️⚪️⚪️⚫️⚫️
Duration: 3-4 hours
Route: Mount Parker- Mount Butler – Jardine’s Lookout – Hong Kong Parkview

Mount Parker route

Walking straight from the exit A of Quarry Way, you would find a few stairs on your right-hand side. Passing the Quarry Bay market, here is the start of Mount Parker route. Some other people would start in the opposite way, taking no 6 or 66 bus to Hong Kong Parkview and take Jardine’s Lookout route.
Hiking along the Mount Parker is like an easy walk, though it is quite tiring. No much photo spots until arriving at the countryside park. You could sit along the edge and the photo looks good with the sunset. 

Mount Butler

Climbing up with stairs to the Mount Butler, which is located inside the countryside park, is super tiring and tough. The stairs are so steeper and tiny but the skylines up there is breathtaking. We even met a group of hiking who are so passionate and helpful in taking photos for us. If you stay in Hong Kong, you could feel the kindness of people is tolerated by the busy life pace and stress. But here, the top of the mountain, you could feel the purity of humanity

Hong Kong Parkview

We didn’t manage to see the massive quarry on the way back. A bit dangerous when it becomes dark, mainly because of the steep stairs. We took a short break in between, meeting hikers on the way and cheer up for each other. 
We recommend to hike from Hong Kong Parkview –  Mount Butler for photography lover, it would be a lot relaxing to climb down from Mount Butler – Jardine’s Lookout. When you arrive at the entrance of Mount Parker, it would be close to the city centre and can simply grab food nearby. 

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