What is Gemstone Beach/ Solo Trip in New Zealand

Free Gems in Gemstone beach
visit the southern part of NZ
sea breeze!

Te Anau Bird Sanctuary

Departure from the Gunn Camp, we went to Te Anau Bird Sanctuary. It’s nothing much to see in winter but we managed to learn some kiwi species. It’s more like a small walk.

Lake Gunn Nature Walk

It takes 15-20 minutes to walk back to the Te Anau city center from the bird sanctuary. Great for photo times (but later realized that there are so many lakes in New Zealand hahah)
when you travel alone and set your camera
the next second…

McCracken’s Rest 

Visit the southern part of New Zealand, there are signs indicating the distances to other places. I wouldn’t it is necessary to visit here but it’s great but you try to visit the entire New Zealand, where telling people that you have been to the southern part!
which also mean that we are getting closer to the Antarctic, I was thinking if it is impossible to swim hahaha

Gemstone Beach

You could actually find gemstones here! I picked some beautiful stones and use them as souvenirs to friends. That’s how I do when I’m so damn poor (same happen in Iceland too)

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